What are your resolutions for 2021?

At that time of the year or at latest in January many people tend to make some well-intentioned resolutions for the upcoming year. Although its effectiveness is not proven as such, it’s certainly a good opportunity to tackle some issues in life that need improvement.

For intance, people want to take up a new hobby, do exercise, stop smoking or drinking (or both) and change some other habits in favour of a healthier life style. Fair enough! In fact, the imaginary “D-Day” 01/01/2021 may help in setting out on that journey and here’s our resolution:

We help you master languages!

As experts in the field of linguistics, with a special focus on neuroeducation, we elaborated some practical tips and tricks which you can apply in your daily life to improve whatever language you’re working on.

Whether you’re attending language classes or not: the learning process only happens in you! You have to open the doors (in your brain, in your heart) to the language and culture in order to be able to gain expertise and proficiency.

So, will you take up this challenge with us?

We help you with brain-hacking tips and tricks!

Follow our new series of blog entries on learning hacks! In January and February 2021 we will publish one article every week. Don’t miss them. 👇👇👇

For more inside knowledge we highly recommend taking the MOOCs “Learning how to learn” and “Mindshift” for free on Coursera:

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