Here you can read some comments and opinions about my classes.

I‘ve had a few German lessons with Anni on test prep now. She is absolutely amazing. She is super organized and always comes prepared. From the very beginning I could feel already feel that she really cares about my progress and my goal. She is very supportive and has an open mind. The flow of the classes is great and I always finish a class knowing where I am and what I have learned. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their German.

Kejia Liu

Anni is easily one of the best language teacher I’ve ever had. She is super organized and her slides are super comprehensive and useful. I particularly appreciate how the lessons combine grammar practice with vocabulary development and, super importantly, communication practice. Moreover, anytime there’s a particularly difficult concept to tackle, Anni makes sure to focus on it. Apart from being super organized and great at explaining language concepts, Anni is also an extremely warm and cheerful person which makes every lesson a joy to attend. Even though my German is not so great yet when it comes to casual conversation, I genuinely enjoy our discussions. I would definitely recommend her to anybody who looks for German lessons that are great for developing communication skills while also focusing on more “technical” aspects of the language.

Silviana Cimpian

Mi experiencia está siendo muy positiva, sus clases son personalizadas, dinámicas y muy entretenidas, adaptadas al tipo de examen que quieras prepararte. Además, puedes realizar ejercicios extra fuera de clase, que posteriormente corrige vía email.

Violeta Fuertes

Magnificent classes! Anni is a great and professional teacher. Her classes are well-organised and prepared, with a wide range of topics, exercises and tasks. She’s very flexible with the schedule and her classes are real good value! Highly recommendable for exam preparation, because she facilitates all the material and practises each part with you during the classes.

Manuel Ramírez

Really great, well-planned session. I learn a lot of useful vocabulary and Anni is really helping me work on sentence structure.

Jane Spivey

Tomé clases de conversación de alemán básico durante un par de meses, antes de lo exámenes de junio de la EOI. Me sirvió para hacer oído y soltarme un poco. Anni fue una profesora atenta y profesional, adaptando los contenidos a mi nivel y haciendo divertida la clase.


Really enjoying these lessons – thank you! Anni is a very patient tutor and I’ve learned a lot.

Erich Gerth

Anni me parece una buena profesional de la enseñanza de idiomas, se preocupa por sus alumnos/as, tiene un plan personalizado para cada alumno/a. En resumen, recomendaría a Anni como profesora de idiomas.

Juan Carlos

Anni comes in prepared with slides for each class based on your progress and trajectory. You can also get access to her online campus page which is loaded with practice exercises, puzzles, text, pictures and videos. Anni is extremely patient and can go over a difficult topic multiple times with you through different exercises and spend more or less time on a topic as needed. Anni employs a good mix of new material and reinforcing older material which is so essential to make the language intuitive (depth) while making sure your vocabulary keeps expanding (breadth).

She is also very flexible in terms of class timings. Each class is instructive and fun. Language learning is a delicate process and Anni is terrific at every aspect of it.


Sumant Raykar

Absolutely brilliant. Anni understands my needs and genuinely prepares the lesson accordingly. I can warmly recommend her for any level and any topic. I personally have a pretty deep business background and Anni is more than capable in that field. Thanks Anni!

Alexandre Zreikat

Very helpful, dynamic, interactive and enthusiast!

Brice Fromion

I wanted to say a massive thank you to you. I really enjoyed our lessons – thank you so much for tailoring them to exactly what I needed. Being a teacher myself I know how much effort planning good lessons takes – so thank you enormously for that!

Charlotte Kestner

Sabe dar muy bien las clases, es amena y distraída, se aprende fácilmente con ella.

Marisol Andrade

Muy comprometida y se adapta a tus necesidades. Clases de alemán, inglés o español a todos los niveles. Yo estudio con ella Alemán y estoy muy contento, merece la pena!!

Víctor del Valle García

Muy buena profesora, se adapta muy bien a cada alumno sacando lo mejor de cada uno. Muy trabajadora y atenta, no nos dejó perder ni un minuto de la clase y además es encantadora.
Me ayudó un montón.


Anni es una excelente profesora en mi caso de inglés, en unos meses he aprendido más que en todos mis años de colegio. La recomiendo al 100%.

Maku Domouso