Positive emotions are a powerful trigger in learning and several researches suggest that we should be more aware of the psychological processes related to learning. It is already known that the state of anxiety makes it even harder to understand language input… everything becomes “blablabla”, so it is absolutely important to be relaxed (we’ll talk about that in a later post). The amygdala, a tiny organ in the center of the brain, stores important emotions for the brain to recall later. Emotional connections help to cement concepts in the learner’s mind.

So, what about your feeling towards the target language (and culture). Do you really like it? If so, better are your chances to pick things up easily.
Treat the language as if it were a new partner, someone you’re getting to know and you’re starting to love unconditionally. Love its sounds, the words, the flow of creating your very own sentences in this wonderful language. Enjoy it and fall in love.

Here are some interesting papers on that topic:

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