In recent years many people have become much more conscious of mindfulness, practices such as yoga and meditation. There has been some research that suggests that meditation can definitely have a positive effect on your brain:

Meditation can help you concentrate on the learning contents and also control your attitude. As you already know, it’s important to have a positive mindset towards the language you learn!

Focused and diffused

Be aware that there are different types of meditation and also different types of “thinking modes”. If you concentrate on certain tasks you’re using the focused mode which can be trained with meditation types where you concentrate e.g. on your breath or use mantras. The other thinking mode is the diffused mode which allows creative problem solving by not concentrating explicitly on the problem. Less rigid meditation strategies like vipassana and mindfulness can help you train this way of thinking.

Apart from meditation, exercise is crucial. With some practices like yoga you can even combine both activities and become a much better learner.

And why not trying guided meditation in your target language? This way your brain can get used to the sound of the language while you’re getting into a very beneficial mental state.