My online campus is based on the technology of Moodle, a complete online learning solution.

For smooth functioning, make sure:

  • you have a stable internet connection
  • you use the latest version of your browser (Google Chrome is recommended)
  • you use a laptop or desktop computer
    (a mobile app is available, however some contents may not be working as well as on a computer)
  • you get used to the platform! Check out the Demo course!

Our live video classes are held via Zoom, Google Meet or Skype.

Again, you need:

  • a stable internet connection
  • a quiet surrounding
  • audio and video on your computer (e.g. via headphones)
  • the lastest version of your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari…)

You do not need an account on any of theses communication platforms, nor you need to install any software (you can use the web version). It can, however, be helpful and is highly recommended.

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You can pay the course using one of these methods:

  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer
  • Revolut
  • Please contact me for any further details!

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