In Christmas time we usually eat a whole bunch of tasty (and highly caloric) food. However, the best is that we share those moments with our beloved ones…
So today we are going to tell you some eating expressions to make your English much more delicious. Yummy!

People who eat a lot eat like a horse and, on the contrary, people who eat very little eat like a bird. When your visitors have eaten a lot you can say “they’ve eaten me out of house and home“! When you’re extremely hungry you can say: “I could eat a horse!” But be careful, if someone eats you for breakfast they are likely to defeat or harm you!
And if you tell me you’re on diet these days, I’ll eat my hat! (=very unlikely to happen)
Oh, and let’s not forget Bart Simnpson’s famous phrase: “Eat my shorts!” It is a colloquial expression of frustration and means something like “leave me alone”.

So, enjoy your (idioms)meal!