Here you can read some comments and opinions about my classes.

Really great, well-planned session. I learn a lot of useful vocabulary and Anni is really helping me work on sentence structure.

Jane Spivey

Really enjoying these lessons – thank you! Anni is a very patient tutor and I’ve learned a lot.

Erich Gerth

I wanted to say a massive thank you to you. I really enjoyed our lessons – thank you so much for tailoring them to exactly what I needed. Being a teacher myself I know how much effort planning good lessons takes – so thank you enormously for that!

Charlotte Kestner

Very helpful, dynamic, interactive and enthusiast!

Brice Fromion

Anni comes in prepared with slides for each class based on your progress and trajectory. You can also get access to her online campus page which is loaded with practice exercises, puzzles, text, pictures and videos. Anni is extremely patient and can go over a difficult topic multiple times with you through different exercises and spend more or less time on a topic as needed. Anni employs a good mix of new material and reinforcing older material which is so essential to make the language intuitive (depth) while making sure your vocabulary keeps expanding (breadth).

She is also very flexible in terms of class timings. Each class is instructive and fun. Language learning is a delicate process and Anni is terrific at every aspect of it.


Sumant Raykar

Magnificent classes! Anni is a great and professional teacher. Her classes are well-organised and prepared, with a wide range of topics, exercises and tasks. She’s very flexible with the schedule and her classes are real good value! Highly recommendable for exam preparation, because she facilitates all the material and practises each part with you during the classes.

Manuel Ramírez