We are specialists in distance language teaching and learning. Currently, we offer classes and courses in English, Spanish and German. The contents of our courses are created following the language levels established by the Council of Europe (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 y C2).

Currently we are offering the following courses
English: Interview Preparation course (levels B2/C1)
Private classes for English, German and Spanish in all levels.
Minigroups upon request.


ProductDetails about classesPrice
Private class 45′45 min
+ access to virtual campus
€ 23,-
Private class 60′60 min
+ access to virtual campus
€ 28,-
Minigroupminigroup (2-4 students)
+ access to virtual campus
participants must have the same level
upon request

In Linguschool we want to offer you a learning experience which adapts to your needs and possibilities. Flexibility is our slogan.

Contact us if you need specific classes (for professions) or personalised classes (communication skills, exam preparation…).